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Categoría: Noticias

Some of the students of 4º ESO travelled to Broadstairs, a lovely town in the south east of England. Broadstairs has got a beach where you can play volleyball or you can swim. It has got lovely houses and really awesome streets. 


We stayed with host families and many of us had homemates from other countries like Germany or Italy. The first day we took an exam at the Kent School of English so they could assign us in classes with boys and girls with similar level.

We had classes every morning from 9:00 to 12.30. After lunch we had funny activities such as trips, bowling,  observation quiz around the town, games on the beach…etc We came back home to have dinner and again we went out for more activities such as disco, folk music concerts, traditional dances classes and funny things

We enjoyed a lot because it was a very interesting experience. We were with our friends and we were practicing and improving our English at the same time. We visited London on Saturday. We saw the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the Big Ben. Our guide took us to the Picadilli Circus, it was the meeting place. We could buy some things in the  famous Oxford Street. I really recommend this kind of trip because it is a short immersion in England where you prove yourself and your English.

Mª Eugenia Lara. Alumna de 4º A ESO

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